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2022 Conversations With Love


Sue Fabian - Cancer & Covid the double suck

Dr Julianna Englund - unleashing the inner mind/body/spirit medicine within


Aeiya Joy- The power of song as dragon medicine 

Barbara Canals - hearing in communion with the One Mind of Love; Aura Transformation


Louise Charman-James - integrating your sacred soul signature

Thea Stone - Choose to PLAY BIG and TRUST your intuition


Armenian Spiritual Leader and Tai Chi Master, Levon Mosinyan and Anahit Terpapyan

Shaman Caroline Manzo, Soul Light Healing


Singer Songwriter Meg Berry 

Los Angeles June 2022 Mayoral candidate, peace activist, and equanimous rebel, Gina Viola


Steve Kaplan, "Recover Your Humor in Being Human"


Murielle Fellous, Co-Parenting with the Universe®, "Lighten Up and Lighten Your Load, Healthy Parenting made Possible with the Highest Counsel"

Bill Thompson, Young Storytellers, "Raising Voices One Story at a Time"

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