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2021 Conversations With Love


Dr Edwige, You're Not Crazy, You're Awakening: You Are a Vessel of the Divine, Live as the best version of your Self

Show 1: Clear Your Mental Body and get off auto-pilot

Show 2: Awaken Your Mastery


Dr Ruth Cherry, Meditation for Skeptics - 2 shows "Transformation is the process by which we recognize that we are both human and divine and that our divinity guides and heals us." Ruth Cherry


Dame AH Sandra Biskind, Codebreaker PLATINUM Life System: Change Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

Singer songwriter Pollyanna Bush: The Empowered Singer, Open Your Voice to Transform Your Life


Lorelei Robbins, Robbins Cosmic Nest: Nurture Your Playground for the Soul and Dare to Dream

Swami Beyond Ananda aka Steve Bhaerman: Wake Up Laughing and Wise-Up Loving, Evolutionary Leaders for the Planet and ALL her inhabitants


PJ Pape, Your Very Good Body Practitioner

Kat Byles, Lead with Your Creative Spirit, Honour Your Heart, and Fulfill Your True Business in harmony with the Earth and your True Inner Nature


Abby Gooch, Intuitive Life Force Energy Coach: Learn to Trust Your Intuition and Lead from Your Infinite Heart

Ravinder Taylor, Microbiologist and co-founder of Inner Talk


Cindy Kubica, Energized Living Today "Live Life Energized" Kim Johnson, Ashtanga Yoga "Teaching Yoga as a Legacy of Love, A Key to Self-Mastery, and Remembering Union"


Dr Scilla Elworthy, the Mighty Heart "Commanding Peace on Earth through All Thoughts and All Possibility Unleashing the Power of Your Mighty Heart"

Dame AH Sandra Biskind and the Lifewave healing system "Healing at the Speed of Light"


Haile Maskel & Bati Bazaar Ethiopian New Year Enkukatash "Welcome the New Season of Sunshine with the Highest Hopes of Enduring Peace, Harmony, Laughter, and Love, for All

Jennifer Green, Energy Light Medicine Healing with the Whales & Dolphins - "Communication with the Cetacean Nation is the greatest achievement mankind can aspire to master" Dr John C Lily


Arthur Samuel Joseph, Vocal Power "Learn to Speak with Clarity and Confidence"

Chantelle Richards, Languages of Love "Empowering for Overall Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit"


Cindy Kubica, The World Viewing Room - "Solving the Human Energy Crisis"

Grandma Chandra 11:11 Messages of Love - "In the Light, By the Light, for the Light and the Ascension of Gaia"

Courtney Coleman, Cookwell, "Inspiring Wellness Deliciously"


Brain Trainers United, Calm Parents Confident Kids "How to Use Brain Training to Raise Happy Resilient Children"

Dee Wallace, Conscious Creation: "Born: Giving Birth to a New You"

Mighty Heart in Business | 2023 Trailer
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