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Tara Lang

“Lee always gives 100%. Her care and upbeat enthusiasm helped me to stick with the program. The "Very Good Body Revival 7 Days of Purification" reflected her ability to lead/facilitate with such awareness, humility, compassion, and integrity. The clearing of the body, emotions, mind and psyche was just what I needed. The experience helped bring balance into my life. During the purification, I caught a nasty cold. However, I recovered within 4 days. This was a miracle. All I did was follow the protocol and listen to the other participants who were cleansing. Those ladies in our group were so courageous, wise and uplifting. Lee manages to attract such beautiful souls. Thank you Lee for your service here on Earth and beyond. I am very grateful for you! Much LOVE and many blessings . . .”

الخميس، 04 يناير



2024 Our Very Good Body Revival

Our Very Good Body Revival 2024 7 Days of Purification, Reset, and Restoration to Greet the New Year in Style 4th -11th January 2024

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2024 Our Very Good Body Revival
2024 Our Very Good Body Revival

الوقت والموقع

04 يناير 2024، 3:00 م – 4:15 م غرينتش-10


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Please join me for Your Very Good Body Revival 2024!

This 7-day process has 3 parts:

· 7-Days of Gratitude to support 7-Days of physical body system purification

· 7-Days of Clarity foods to balance all systems to the ph. balance of an alkaline body. Calm  and center the nervous system. Align chakra clarity. Eliminate toxins, stagnancy, acidity, stale, old, misdirected energies…

· Days 1, 3, 5, & 7 Reboot, Renew, Restore, Revive your body’s 4-Levels 40–50-minute meditative sessions

Your Very Good Body Revival program costs $111 as a stand-alone. This 2024 Revival Live is $11, and you will own all three program particulars to revisit anytime you like. Registration closes January 3 @ 8:30 am. HST at the $11 price point. Please register soon! It is my dream we co-create a network or community that easily, and beneficially, shares its gifts, talents, and grand risings to support one another in conscious creation 2024 and beyond. I look forward to what you joyously create in 2024 & beyond and to sharing this 2024 Revival with you! Thank you! Lee

We begin January 4, 2024, with an informational session, intention setting, and Q & A. There are two times daily for check ins and live revival sessions:

8:30 a.m.- 9:45 a.m. HST & 3:00 pm – 4:15 pm HST

Please check world clocks for your time zone

You can come live to one or both live sessions or complete the 7-days on your own. All support and 4-body session recordings, gratitude play suggestions, alkaline diet recommendations, and recipes are yours to keep. You will have access to download as soon as you register. None of the live sessions will be recorded.

7-Day Schedule

Day 1 January 5, 2024           Begin the 7-Days of Conscious consumption; Day 1 Gratitude Play & Session One Physical Body Revival       

Day 2 January 6, 2024           Day 2 Gratitude Play and purification check in

Day 3 January 7, 2024           Day 3 Gratitude Play and Session Two Emotional Body Renewal Cleanse

Day 4 January 8, 2024           Day 4 Gratitude Play and purification check in

Day 5 January 9, 2024            Day 5 Gratitude Play and Session Three Mental Body Reset Zero Point

Day 6 January 10, 2024         Day 6 Gratitude Play and purification check in

Day 7 January 11, 2024          Day 7 Gratitude Celebration and Session Four Spiritual Body Restoration Completion

In gratitude for your wholehearted choice to take care of YOU!


Lee Anne Collver-Richards



  • 7Day Good Body Revival 2024!

    Includes all the materials to complete the 7-Days and Zoom link to join live.

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