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Tara Lang

“Lee always gives 100%. Her care and upbeat enthusiasm helped me to stick with the program. The "Very Good Body Revival 7 Days of Purification" reflected her ability to lead/facilitate with such awareness, humility, compassion, and integrity. The clearing of the body, emotions, mind and psyche was just what I needed. The experience helped bring balance into my life. During the purification, I caught a nasty cold. However, I recovered within 4 days. This was a miracle. All I did was follow the protocol and listen to the other participants who were cleansing. Those ladies in our group were so courageous, wise and uplifting. Lee manages to attract such beautiful souls. Thank you Lee for your service here on Earth and beyond. I am very grateful for you! Much LOVE and many blessings . . .”

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The Good Body Revival Solstice 2024

2024 Our Very Good Body Solstice Revival 7 Days of Purification, Reset, and Restoration to birth new life and growth and revive our very good bodies to optimal health, wealth, and happiness.

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The Good Body Revival Solstice 2024
The Good Body Revival Solstice 2024

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11 يونيو 2024، 8:30 ص غرينتش-10 – 18 يونيو 2024، 9:50 ص غرينتش-10



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You are invited to join US for The Good Body Revival 2024!  SOLSTICE PREPARATION 11th - 18 JUNE 2024

This is a 7-day daily gathering to prepare our body systems and structures to adapt harmoniously with Nature's seasonal transitions.  You need only devote 75 minutes each day for 7 days June 11-18th, 2024.  You will heighten self-awareness and grow mindfulness.  You will become more consciously attuned through your heart to more consciously create the next half of 2024 with grace and a renewed commitment.  You will hone and clarify your focus on what matters most to you.  

Remember, it's only a commitment of 7 days to give way to a much deeper understanding and a wonderful clearing for your very good body/mind/spirit.  You will emerge feeling revived, renewed, and regenerated - BORN in the wholeness of NEW EARTH unity consciousness. Tapped in.  Tuned up.  And Turned on to your most vital "SOULution Energy"!

This 7-day process has 3 parts to its daily practice:

· 7-Days of Gratitude to support 7-Days of physical body system purification (consider this a daily artist date)

· 7-Days of Clarity foods to balance all systems to the pH. balance of an alkaline body. Calm and center the nervous system. Align chakra clarity and activate balanced movement (spin). Eliminate toxins, stagnancy, acidity, stale, old, misdirected energies… (7 days of reset, reboot, and restoration of balanced body systems, structures, health & wellness)

· Days 1, 3, 5, & 7 Reboot, Renew, Restore, Revive your body’s 4-Levels in four 40–50-minute meditative sessions with fully licensed Reiki music by Kamal and the humpback whales (physical body, emotional body, mental body & spiritual body cleanse, detoxify, reboot, and restore)

Please register soon! Only 25 places available. Cost is  by donations beginning at $11US.  Full price is $111US.

Booked and can't make the LIVE series? Then choose and calendar September's Equinox and/or complete the Solstice series on your own time.

It is my dream we co-create a proactive network that easily and beneficially, shares its gifts, talents, and grand risings to support one another in conscious creation 2024 and beyond the beyond and Beyond the Ordinary.

We begin June 11th with a personalized Whale Energy Light Medicine Healing and Clearing (90 minutes) to open sacred space and set our intentions in tune with the natural world.  The Good Body Revival 7-days is a gathering time to fully tune up, tap in, and turn on to Nature's seasonal changes.  Starting June 11, gathering daily until June 18. YOU COME TOO!


Please check world clocks for your time zone.  Mark your calendars now.  Commit and watch your life transform into conscious cocreation in harmonious right relations with all energy.

You can come live or complete the 7-days on your own. All support and 4-body session recordings, gratitude play suggestions, alkaline diet recommendations, and recipes are yours to keep. You will have access to download all materials as soon as you register. None of the live sessions are recorded.

LIVE Schedule Starts June 11, 2024 @ 8:30 am HST

June 11     Introduction and Intentional Opening with 90 minute Whale Healing & Clearing (Certificated by OmniDimensional Mystery School)

Day 1          Day 1 Gratitude Play & Session One Physical Body Revival (Begin your 7-Days of Conscious consumption, digestion, and elimination)

Day 2          Day 2 Gratitude Play and purification check in

Day 3          Day 3 Gratitude Play and Session Two Emotional Body Renewal Cleanse

Day 4          Day 4 Gratitude Play and purification check in

Day 5          Day 5 Gratitude Play and Session Three Mental Body Reset Zero Point

Day 6          Day 6 Gratitude Play and purification check in

Day 7          Day 7 Gratitude Celebration and Session Four Spiritual Body Restoration Completion

In gratitude for your wholehearted choice to take care of YOU!

#1Love #1Earth #1Health #1NessLives

Lee Anne Collver-Richards


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