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Hummingbird Communications 

A Telesis Company

:The Lee Collver Production 

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Hummingbird Communications' collaborative methodologies ignite client innate intelligence; activate and empower self-loving practices; build cultures of excellence, peace, and prosperity for the liberation of ALL Beings and on all levels of their being, sine qua non. Love is in the atmosphere. 


Just because I am responding to you two days after my energy healing doesn’t mean that I didn’t love it.  It was so powerful; I can finally discuss it without crying.Thank you for offering this to us Creative Stationers.

Morgan James, NY

And Lee Collver-Richards was the perfect travel guide for this amazing journey.


Thank you so much for this wonderful session, I feel very uplifted and also clearer in my goals.

It Is Our Intention

We follow the Heart's highest creative visions to imagine, design, and conceive innovative, sustainable, healthy communities in peace, harmony, laughter, and love for our Children's Children's Children's Children
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My name is Lee Collver.

Canadian born, France educated, Jamaica connected, resolutely American actor, author, and public and private school leader.

I Am Joy In Action

"There is a field..."

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