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A message from Lee:

Greetings and thank you for visiting our world wide web home.  My name is Lee Anne Collver-Richards, a Canadian born, France educated, Jamaica connected, resolutely American actor, author, and public and private school leader.  I have completed degree programs at Stanford, USC, UCLA in cinema, theater, business, and education as well as maintained highly qualified teacher and administrative credentials (Pre-K through adult) from the State of California.


“You are a perfect yet expanding being, in a perfect yet expanding world. Your expansion is a given, the expansion of your time-space reality is a given, and the expansion of the Universe is a given- it is ever so much more satisfying for you to consciously and deliberately participate in your own expansion” Abraham Hicks, April 25, 2022


My work in the world has distilled to this fact - the bond between parent and child is sacrosanct.  The bond with the child is the most important thing. This is the key to learning and growth as a human being.


As a school teacher, public or private, we do not replace or supplant the parent, we are partners with them and their child simultaneously.  Legally, morally, ethically, and spiritually.  I believe we have dumbed down our spiritual bodies in the name of a misunderstanding.  The separation of church and state is an historical doctrine - designed to free the people from a government or religion that would put them into bondage, slavery, or imbalanced servitude.  Yet, if we look at our world’s current status quo, we are separated from our children, we are separated from our families, we are separated in our work from the communities we live and serve.  But the church and state dominate everything, portraying a hierarchy as the spiritual truth of the natural world.  Dominating and damaging the natural growth of our Worldview.

An urgent message from Lee

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