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The Good Body Revival - Independent 4 Week Program

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Your Very Good Body Revival asks you to give yourself one month of focus to renew, restore, repair, and reboot Your Very Good Body on all four levels. Each week you will focus on one aspect of Your Very Good Body: physical body, emotional body, mental body, etheric or spiritual body. Begin with the level that challenges your control and balance of optimal health and wellness the most. Schedule your independent body sessions ahead of time. Give yourself one hour of uninterrupted YOU-time. Listen to that body's session in a quiet, comfortable, relaxed, safe space. Each day of that week, choose a support recording either one of the guided 10-minute meditations, or Kamal instrumental recordings and just rest in the awareness of your breath during that time. It can be as little as 3 minutes or as much as 15 minutes, but please, please make this time for you a must. We recommend you keep a journal, increase your water consumption, and allow whatever presents itself to be witnessed by your neutral, nonjudgemental observer, acknowledged, thanked, and then released. The point is to move stagnant, old, or unconscious energy to make way for new thought, new creation, from a fresh open perspective on all levels of your being.

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The Good Body Revival Home Play Plan
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The Good Body Revival 2024

The Good Body Revival 2024

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